Learning 3D: Getting started

As a designer I constantly challenge myself to grow. Wanting to sharpen my visual design skills, I’ve decided to get into 3D graphics. The idea of creating 3D models is appealing to me because of my artistic background. The ability of fluently creating 3D graphics would take any designer’s visual design skills to the next level.

I learned to animate and code by animating and coding. The best way for me to learn a new skill is by doing it. But before getting started, it always helped me to understand some basic concepts before diving in. These are the questions I’ll be asking myself as I start to learn 3D:

  • How do you make 3D graphics?
  • What software do you use to create 3D graphics?
  • What are 3D models?
  • What are  3D textures?
  • What is 3D rendering?
  • What is 3D animation?
  • What types of projects should I start with?
  • Where should I find inspiration?
  • Where can I learn 3D?

Join me in my next post as I explore how 3D graphics are made.

And so it begins…

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Filippo and I’m a designer living in Ottawa, Canada. This is where I’ll be sharing my thoughts and experiences as a designer, human, and father.

I started this blog to practice my writing and to get better acquainted with WordPress.com, the platform this blog is built on. As a marketing designer at Automattic, it’s important that I get to know our flagship product.

The next post I’ve started working on will be part of a series about 3d modeling and animation. If you want to see what that’s all about, you’re going to have to check back soon.

Until then, keep it real!